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Why Choose MarketMaker4?

It’s all about empowered eSourcing™

With the benefits of using eSourcing so well documented (increased savings, reduced sourcing timelines, greater market transparency), it begs the question... Why aren’t you putting more of your annual spend through your eSourcing solution?

The reasons we hear time and time again are shared by supply chain organizations both large and small.

  • Unfriendly software
  • Not enough time
  • Very limited support
  • Don’t know which application (eRFP/eRFI/eAuction) to use on a project
  • A perceived lack of potential suppliers
  • Incomplete understanding of market conditions

These common reasons (let’s call them ’barriers’) all reflect a failure of eSourcing to empower strategic sourcing professionals.

And that’s why we created MarketMaker4.

Simply put, the MarketMaker4 solution eliminates these barriers by providing clients with the 4 vital ingredients that will significantly improve your company’s level of eSourcing adoption.

By combining MarketMaking™ (supplier and event management support), a State of the Art eSourcing Suite, integrated Company Intelligence (to aid supplier discovery/profiling) and relevant Market Insight (commodity tracking to calibrate expectations and appropriate timing), the MarketMaker4 solution helps procurement professionals determine not just how to source, but also what to source, when to source and from whom to source.


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